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Jan. 3rd, 2015 11:57 am
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How's my driving? Got complaints? Suggestions? Something you're dying to see Dean do? Leave constructive crit, suggestions etc and so on here. Be specific and I'll see what I can do!

Mo--Mary Winchester went back home.

[It's said in that flat, all business, deep voice Dean has. He clicks the device off immediately afterwards. He doesn't want to talk about Mary being gone and right now, he doesn't even want to be in the Impala. It's too close to her. Instead he's going to take his gun, tuck it in his jeans and go 'patrol' the City on foot. It'll be a nice long, thorough walk because he doesn't particularly want to go home either.]

[ooc: Dean is out on foot all over the City. Come kiss him and cheer him up]
So hey...I'm Dean Winchester and I'm the new chief of police. Some of you know me and you know I'm not great at following the rules or going by the book so I'm not gonna try. We've got people from all over the damn place here and I don't see much sense in imposing my laws on everyone. Not like I paid much attention to them back home anyway. Trying to enforce them here just makes me a hypocritical dick so here's what we're gonna do. The police force is going to try to keep people safe. You guys have got to pitch in because I'm awesome but I can't keep a whole City safe even with an entire police force helping out. That means new law. Real simple:

Don't be a dick.

Yup. That's pretty much it. Don't be a dick.

I know some of you have problems with that. Cas, I'm looking at you, so I'm gonna outline it for you. Don't do anything to anybody that you wouldn't want me to turn right around and do to you. If you're a sick bastard, lemme know right now. Chances are I'm gonna find out about it anyway.

I don't want me or my police officers running around wiping your ass. I've got better things to do like save people so that's what we're gonna try. If you want to pitch in, let me know. We can always use the help.

And don't call me Chief. That's Beckett or Cam. I'm just Dean.

[Police Filter]

If you don't want to work for me, I understand. If you do, I'd appreciate you sticking around.
Alright, listen up. Creepy ass statue things, don't look them in the eye and don't look away from them. Pair up or stay in groups whatever makes you happy. Don't fall asleep. Get some friggin' coffee. Don't worry about shooting them because you're just gonna waste ammo. Give me or the Police station a call. We'll come baby sit you or take you back to the police station so you can wait with everyone else.

[Dean will be prowling around the City, checking on people, knocking on doors and making sure everyone is safe. Feel free to stop him or run into him anywhere you want, just put the setting in the subject line.]

[Winchester Clan--includes Jess]

Mom, Sammy, Jess, you guys okay?

Cas, I'm figuring you don't have to blink so wanna head over to Mom's house and stare at things?
[The device is nudged and turns on accidentally. There's a sleepy yawn coming from the bundle of blankets on the bed. After a moment a head emerges, the spiky hair and freckled face of a little boy. If one looks closely though, it's clear that this is still Dean. He's simply eight years old today rather than thirty two. He looks a bit confused as he crawls out of bed, barely catching the sweatpants at the waist. They're much too big for him.]

Sam! Sammy!

[He was pretty sure when he crawled into bed that night, Sam was already asleep. He pads into the bathroom.] Sam! Where'd you wander off to?

[And that tone of voice, that is eight year old panic. Dean rushes back into the room and reaches under the bed, grabbing the sawed off shotgun there. Yes, even at eight he kept a sawed off shotgun under the bed.]
[Dean has got a flashlight duct taped to a sawed off shotgun so that he can hold it the right way and still see. There's an army duffel bag thrown over one shoulder and pushed across his back so that it's out of the way. He's definitely creeping through a house that is definitely not his or Mary's. It's Gothic, falling down, dusty, covered in cobwebs and clearly abandoned. Slices of the rooms and hallways he's walking through are revealed in splashes of yellow light from the flashlight-shotgun combo he's rigged.

He stops in one of the larger rooms, sets down the duffel bag, keeping the shotgun pointed in a general direction that's neither his feet nor the ceiling while he rummages in the bag. There's a flash of movement, the device is jiggled and it falls out of his pocket to roll across the floor. There's a ghost rushing at Dean with a scream. It slashes out at him, retreats and then comes in again. Dean fires the shotgun directly at the apparition and it disappears.]

Thanks for not makin' me find the EMF detector.

[He gets a bag of rock salt out and starts salting some doorways and windows when he's done, he picks up the bag, slings it over his shoulder and then grabs the device. He shoves that in his pocket and continues on his way.]
[Dean is approaching this whole thing with a lot of mixed feelings. He knows he could see Sam. He also knows seeing Sam would mean losing him again and as much as he wants to see Sam, he doesn't know if he can handle losing him again. He's a bit grumpy but he's sitting on the hood of the Impala just off the square with a half a tin of Mary's cherry pie and a six pack of beer. He's Sampeople watching.]

Great. One of these weekends again. Don't touch the car without permission. Make a line over there to touch me and I'm way more awesome than Carver Edlund ever imagined.
[Dean flips on the video as he's emerging from building 7. He looks rough, unshaven, exhausted and dirty. He is tired, exhausted and ready for a shower but he's grateful in some ways to be back. He didn't find any of the answers he wanted, just more questions so on the whole, while he's glad he went, the trip was largely unsatisfying.]

So we're back. I hate the damn desert.


Mom, you still here?
[Dean is on a boat. No it's not the start to a joke. Dean is on a boat. He signed up for the expedition to check out the barrier and what's beyond it. He's on the top deck, sitting off away from the others.]

So far, being on a friggin' boat is boring. I shot some kind of fish in the water. Pretty sure it was some kind of giant trout. Hauled it in and thinking about having it for supper. If they can get all the buckshot out of it.

[Note that along with his video there are several viral 'videos' of porn attached. He is unaware of this but the network is getting treated to Busty Asian Beauties.]

[Private to Mary]

You doing alright, Mom? How's my baby?

[And no, Mary isn't spared a bunch of porn either. Sorry Mom!]

[ooc: Dean is cursed. You all get porn.]
Mom! I'm home! [Dean yells this as he opens the door and prepares for the barrage of brothers and sisters as he goes about hanging up his coat, toe-heeling his shoes off and general 'I'm home' sort of routines.] Sorry I'm late. My favorite sister piled all the paper work for the last week on me.

[Okay to be honest it was all the paperwork he'd been avoiding for the last month week. He really thinks he ought to get special consideration considering the chief is his sister. She has other ideas.]
[Dean is underneath the Impala, legs sticking out, the sound of him sweet talking the car coming in quiet mutterings. He's changing out the fuel filter today and having a bit of trouble with it sticking. After a few minutes it comes free and it puts the new one in. Once that's done, he finishes up and slides out from beneath the car looking for someone to kiss.]

[ooc: Victory kisses curse! Tag your muse in and I'll tag back with Deano completing some mundane sort of task and then kissing your muse. If you've got ideas/suggestions/etc, add 'em into your tag.]
[The scene before you is a chaotic one. The hotel room is in shambles, a wolf is lying on a mattress on the floor and there's a man lying on his stomach passed out. He's got a fresh tramp stamp on the small of his back, a pair of handcuffs dangling from one wrist and he's wearing a sparkley black thong with twenty dollar bills tucked into it. There are also bruises on his body. He snuffles, snores and almost wakes up, his face turned to the camera. Yup that is Dean Winchester and his face looks like he's been beaten as well. He's just gone still again when the screaming of a fire alarm jerks him to his feet.]

Fi--[And then he realizes he's wearing a thong with twenty dollar bills shoved into it.

That's new.

And takes importance over FIRE.]

What the hell?


[ooc: The hotel room is on fire because of this post. Action for those involved in the curse. Here is a line up of what happened. They won't remember it--exactly--because this is Vegas, Hangover Style but feel free to have your character have seen the boys doing any of this at all.
[Dean is sitting at the bar of one of the dive bars in the Underground. It's greasy, dirty and just beat up enough to make him feel at home. He's got a glass of whiskey in front of him that he's actually sipping at this time. He looks rough though, unshaven and like he hasn't slept in a week. He's been trying, honestly, but with Sam gone his nightmares have gotten worse. It's like the weeks after Sam jumped into the pit but he doesn't have Lisa and Ben here to get his shit together for. He does have friends like Cameron, who's been bringing him donuts and coffee every day and Ken, who's meeting him for drinks because clearly he needs to get drunk again]

[ooc: Anyone is welcome to show up and poke at Dean. He needs the interaction to pull him out of his slump.]
[The camera flickers on to show an incredibly drunk, angry and broken Dean. He's at the deity building with a sawed off shotgun. It's clear to anyone that knows him that he's been through Hell--is still going through Hell and it's not the kind he suffered for 40 years. It's worse. This is the kind of Hell he'd sell his soul along with every other soul on earth to keep away.]


[He backs away from the front door of the deity office and fires a rock salt loaded shot at the door.]

[ooc: Deities, I'm well aware this may incur some wrath. I'm okay with whatever the deities feel the need to do to him. Residents who want to try and talk him down are welcome. He may or may not respond to the device]
[Dean is kind of hiding out this weekend. He's in front of his apartment building, working on the Impala. He peeks out from under the hood to glance at the device.]

No, I'm not that Dean Winchester. The books are crap anyway. Have a good day.

[He's lying of course but fangirls make him crazy]

[ooc: Hit him up with anything. He's from The Man Who Would Be King. Annoy him, spoil him. I'm good with anything.]
That makes you Lois Lane.

[Dean whips around confused, poised to yell Cas' name. It quickly becomes evident that this isn't Cas' fault. Dean's expression sets solidly to bitch face as he reaches out to put a hand on Sam's shoulder and assure himself his brother is there.]

Sammy, you good?

[Sam jumps a little at the touch, if only because they are suddenly not where they should be.]

I'm good, but. I mean, are we--? Is this the City?

[Dean glances furtively around, twisting to one side and then the other, unwilling to move too far away from Sam.]

Cas? You still here?

[And in glorious, wonderful, City tradition, Dean is promptly, absolutely, defintiely, immediately cursed]

Guess that's my weakness. Loyalty. I know there's damn good evidence that Cas has gone dark side and...he wouldn't do that to me but I gotta say, there's this itch I can't scratch. Like I know I'm being manipulated. Like every damn time some friggin' demon and dick angel uses Sam to get me to play their games.

It's there and I don't want it to be. Cas is our friend. He's saved our asses time and again. He's the only friggin' angel that hasn't betrayed us. He deserves our loyalty.

[He sounds a little like he's trying to convince himself. And Sam's standing there, just staring at him for the entirety of his rant, mostly because he knows otherwise, but also because--.]

Dude. Are you cursed already?

[ooc: Dean and Sam have been out of the City for nearly a week for canon update. They are now updated to 6X20 The Man Who Would Be King during the conversation with Bobby about Superman going darkside and kyrptonite. The violent pink is Sam because Dean is awesome that way]
[Police Broadcast--Open voice]

I know things have settled down in the City and it seems to have gotten back to whatever the hell passes for normal here. That doesn't mean let your guard down. The police have had reports of a guy with a sword running people through so be careful and smart. Go out in groups. That sorta crap. If you see anything suspicious, let us know. Consider yourself part of the Neighborhood Watch program.

[Private Police Filter]

I'm gonna stick with the Underground. We need to make sure topside is getting some love too.
[The video has been set up to show Dean shooting out at the range. He rapid fires then the camera moves to show every bullet as a bullseye. The camera shifts back and Dean blows 'smoke' off the end of the gun, twirls it good old fashioned cowboy style and tucks it into the back of his jeans. He tilts an imaginary hat up on his head and grins at the video]

[Private to the Deities]

Hey Douchebags, I wanna make a deal.

[Manners, what?]


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